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Silver thiosulphate, Ag2S2O3

Precipitation of a solution of sodium thiosulphate with Silver nitrate yields the Silver thiosulphate, Ag2S2O3, as a white precipitate of sweetish taste. It dissolves in solutions of other thiosulphates, forming double salts. As examples of such salts isolated from solutions of silver chloride in thiosulphates may be cited Ag2S2O3,2Na2S2O3,2H2O, leaflets of silk-like lustre, readily soluble in water; Ag2S2O3,Na2S2O3,H2O, small, hard, columnar crystals of slight solubility and sweet taste; Ag2S2O3,3K2S2O3,2H2O; Ag2S2O3,(NH4)2S2O3, columnar crystals of intensely sweet taste. A double salt of the formula 3Ag2S2O3,5K2S2O3 crystallizes in prismatic needles from a solution of Silver nitrate and sodium thiosulphate on addition of potassium carbonate. Additive compounds of this type, and others with ammonia, have been exhaustively studied by Jonsson.

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