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Silver periodates

A solution of sodium periodate, Na4I2O9, gives with Silver nitrate a precipitate of a silver periodate. It crystallizes from dilute nitric acid in straw-coloured, hexagonal crystals of the formula 2Ag2O,I2O7,3H2O, transformed at 100° C. into the corresponding mono- hydrate, a dark-red, crystalline powder. Prolonged boiling of the trihydrate with water yields 3Ag2O,I2O7 or 5Ag2O,I2O7. The substance with the second formula is also produced as a black, crystalline powder by the action of Silver nitrate on the trihydrate. Evaporation with nitric acid converts the trihydrate into the yellow, crystalline anhydrous salt, Ag2O,I2O7. Ammonia transforms the trihydrate into a black powder, 4Ag2O,I2O7. The trihydrate, 2Ag2O,I2O7,3H2O, is also formed by the interaction at ordinary temperatures of Silver nitrate and a nitric-acid solution of the periodate Na2H3IO6. At 100° C. the action produces a black precipitate, 3Ag2O,I2O7.

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