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Silver bromate, AgBrO3

Potassium bromate precipitates silver bromate from Silver nitrate. The bromate is dimorphous, forming tetragonal bi-pyramids stable below 98.5° C., and hair-like crystals stable above that temperature. Its melting-point is 308° to 310° C.

Solubility of Silver Bromate

Temperature, °C.2535455565758590
Grams of silver bromate in 100 grams of water0.1960.2690.3710.4970.6480.8321.0551.325

In absence of moisture and organic matter it is stable towards heat and light; but in presence of water it darkens slowly at ordinary temperatures, and rapidly at high temperatures, while the presence of such an impurity as dust induces explosive decomposition of the heated bromate. It can be employed as a standard in iodometry. Its solution in ammonium hydroxide yields crystals of the formula Ag(NH3)2BrO3.

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