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Silver azide, AgN3

Hydrazoic acid reacts with Silver nitrate, forming the Silver azide, AgN3. It is also produced by the interaction of silver nitrite and hydrazine sulphate in aqueous solution:

AgNO2 + H2NNH2 = H2NN: NOAg + H2O = AgN3 + 2H2O.

A solution of sodium azide gives with Silver nitrate a greyish precipitate of silver azide. The salt crystallizes in white needles, melting at 250° C., and is exploded energetically by percussion or by exposure to green light. It is suitable for use as a general primer.

Berthollet's " fulminating silver " is produced by addition of alcohol to a concentrated solution of Silver monoxide in ammonium hydroxide. It forms small, black crystals, exploded by friction, and soluble in potassium-cyanide solution. It probably has the formula NAg3 or NAgH2; and it has no connexion with silver fulminate, C:NOAg.
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